Wellbeing. Design a bespoke, evidence based strategy that engages your employees

Creating an impactful wellbeing programme tailored to your employees, company and goals

How Psyon Wellbeing helps you

5 key areas where Psyon Wellbeing can help create a successful and enduring employee wellbeing strategy

  • Analysis to identify health risk factors
  • Defining scope and purpose
  • Benchmarking best practice
  • Building your solution
  • Regular metric dashboarding

Psyon Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing is now firmly on the agenda in the UK workplace, with employers recognising it as a means to address the challenges they face to improve productivity, enhance their culture, attract and retain skills, and increase engagement.

Wellbeing at work goes beyond just providing health promotion advice to your employees. It is a complex dynamic between the culture of the company, the work environment and the physical, social and emotional health of the individuals who work for you.

The approach to designing and implementing an effective wellbeing strategy needs to be specifically tailored to reflect a company’s own unique situation. By using your employee related data and our consultants’ wellbeing expertise, we can help you shape a bespoke wellbeing solution that will help you achieve you company objectives and maximise your wellbeing spend.

Regular analysis and dashboarding allows you to monitor the progress of your wellbeing programme, measure success, and adapt and evolve based on the results and changing needs over time.

How Psyon Wellbeing helps you

Modular. We understand one size doesn’t fit all. Our modular approach puts you in control, letting you choose the level and type of support to meet your needs.

Scope & purpose. Understand the key influencers on employee wellbeing from our model (Culture, Environment and Individuals) to create focus so that you can achieve your objectives and use your wellbeing budget in the most effective and impactful way.

Strategy. Our wellbeing audit combines data analytics with wellbeing expertise to identify the key risk factors affecting your employees, allowing you to build a strong, evidence based strategy.

Make a plan. Embed wellbeing within your culture and maintain momentum by designing an ongoing calendar of events and initiatives that resonate with your employees.

Internal buy-in. From business case and budget sign off to regular board reporting, we can help you build your case with wellbeing insight, analytics and benchmarking good practice.

Sourcing. The expanding and evolving employee wellbeing product and services market can feel overwhelming. Let us make it easy – we keep you up to date with what is new and check them against defined criteria to make sure that are clinically backed and effective.

Implementation. We can offer advice and support to successfully roll out your programme from events to communication.

Measure and review. Our regular dashboards help you understand the impact of your programme, so that you can measure success and adapt where needed.

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