Data Management Specialist

Redhill; occasional travel as required

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Job Summary

The primary role of the Data Operations Specialist within Psyon is to ensure timely, accurate on-boarding of client data, and provide tailored guidance and support, in order to drive strong client engagement and assure the integrity of the Psyon Empower platform. This is achieved with exemplary attention to detail, a desire to support process adherence and improvement, and highly effective client communications. The Data Operations Specialists will develop a good working knowledge of group risk products; including an understanding of the data requirements of insurers when pricing & managing group risk products.

Within the role you will be expected to lend support to the Online Consulting Team, provide guidance to internal & external clients, sometimes on-site at client locations, and demonstrate expertise on relevant platforms and tools. Psyon is committed to nurturing talent; the successful candidate will have a clear career path, showing the potential opportunities for development.

Knowledge and Experience

  • A demonstrable ability in using Excel, to at least an intermediate level, or equivalent
  • Exposure to the following would be highly advantageous
    – SQL
    – VBA
  • Educated to degree level or above in a relevant field
  • Customer-first approach
  • Methodical problem-solver
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong time management skills and a proven ability to plan work on multiple projects with differing timescales
  • Able to assimilate instruction & carry out those tasks with a degree of autonomy
  • 0 – 18 months experience in a related role/field of postgraduate study
  • Group Risk GR1 examination has not yet been completed, the candidate will be required to complete this within their 1st year of employment

Skills and abilities needed to perform role

  • Logically minded with an ability to think critically and reflect upon their own approach
  • Passionate for delivering work at a high standard, with an exemplary attention to detail
  • Dedicated and dependable with a proven track record of taking ownership of work
  • Highly resourceful and organised with the ability to prioritise workloads effectively
  • A strong desire to grow and develop within the role

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Support the on-boarding of customer data into Elysium, the proprietary employee benefits online administration platform through:

  • Liaising with intermediary consultants/administrators and verifying platform configuration to ensure the client/scheme set-up is correct
  • Acquiring files in a timely manner and supporting clients with provision of, and guidance on using, standard data templates
  • Performing data quality assessments to check the validity, accuracy and consistency of acquired files and addressing issues as is necessary
  • Using Excel to prepare data for import though cleaning, standardisation, grouping and ordering
  • Identifying variations in critical client data fields and taking appropriate investigative and/or corrective action as required
  • Verifying data files to ensure the integrity of Elysium and the clients’ data is maintained and to reduce upload errors
  • Being responsible for timely execution of the above with regard to renewal and monthly data files
  • Completing the monthly self-service checks on all data processed by clients, providing feedback and guidance to clients where you find errors/issues with their data

Build an understanding of the high level process flow in other areas where there is reliance on Elysium data to execute deliverables and specifically:

  • Understand whereabouts in each process the role interfaces with the other team and in what capacity i.e. what is expected of the role
  • Understand how the output of the role impacts the other team (and vice versa) and what issues/risks may be of interest to other teams and their processes i.e. when should issues be escalated/shared with the wider stakeholder group

Support the ongoing platform development and improvement, and help enhance clients’ experience through:

  • Identifying process improvements that drive increased efficiencies and/or quality
  • Boosting clients’ data agility through responding to their needs in a timely manner, communicating updates to data upload templates and adapting processes/automating processes on a client-by-client basis, ensuring a good understanding of their internal reporting/systems and finding solutions to any potential limitations
  • Feeding in to the product development process with ideas about member data management and other data tools that could be further developed with quality, completeness and agility in mind

Deliver an accurate, efficient and reliable service through:

  • Adherence to agreed service-levels, prioritising requests and escalating conflicts where appropriate
  • Ensuring that requests and issues have requirements sufficiently catalogued and documented
  • Liaising with requestors to ensure that requested works meet expectations and that timescales and deliverables are communicated in a clear and timely manner
  • Acting as first-line support for clients’ data queries
  • Proactively identifying client training and support needs and delivering this accordingly
  • Investigating platform data anomalies and taking corrective action as required
  • Including robust checks in all work

Operate within the required data quality, document management and compliance frameworks in order to maintain consistently high service-levels by means of:

  • Developing an understanding of the importance of data integrity and implications of errors and omissions
  • Adopting a governance mind-set
  • Following an audit process to periodically review client data processing procedures
  • Maintaining up-to-date information within appropriate documentation
  • Recommending updates to, and maintenance of, manuals and other documentation relating to Data Operations
  • Ensuring that deliverables comply with GDPR and other similar regulations and guidelines as required by the business
  • The accurate reporting of time recording data, as required
  • Where relevant, administration of all allocated Havensrock Group Life & Income Protection policies in line with the agreed processes & timelines for these products

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