Data Analytics. Unleash the power of your data to create actionable and visual insight

Design, implement, monitor and review effective evidence based employee strategies

How Psyon Analytics helps you

5 key areas where Psyon Analytics can help you use your data to drive actionable insight

  • Design and creation of engaging dashboards
  • Data led employee benefit and strategy design
  • Measure impact and key performance indicators
  • Interpretation of results to drive insight
  • Data validation and quality assessment

Psyon Analytics

Data analytics is playing an increasingly important role in the world of HR and employee benefits, and as employees, employers, and the government seek greater transparency we expect this to continue.

Using your data to drive actionable insight is a powerful way to:

  • Develop robust business cases
  • Show the value and impact for budget sign off
  • Produce required reporting metrics
  • Design, implement and monitor effective evidence based employee strategies

We provide actuarial and data analytics consultancy to help you design and implement effective evidence based employee strategies. In addition, regular analysis and engaging dashboards allow you to monitor the impact of your employee programmes, report internally and externally, and predict future requirements.

How Psyon Analytics helps you

Dashboarding. Helping you design and create engaging dashboards that let you monitor, measure and evolve your employee strategies.

Scope & Purpose. Understand the key influencers on employee benefit design and cost to create the focus for you to achieve your objectives and use your budget in the most effective and impactful way.

Strategy. We combine data analytics with life and health insurance expertise, to enable you to build a strong evidence based strategy.

Internal Buy-in. From business cases and budget sign off to regular board reporting, we can help you build a robust case with analytics and insight.

Benchmarking. Find out how your current protection and health insurance benefits and costs measure up against your industry sector.

Data Audit. Assessing your available data to make sure it is relevant, complete and of the quality needed to drive useable insight.

Visualisation. Get your key messages across with ease with engaging visuals that resonate with your audience.

Predict. Get ahead of the curve by projecting trends and insight in to the future.

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