Who am I?


By Mel Osborne

26th November 2019

A few months ago I was asked to write a line that has become my personal statement. It’s my mission statement and I take it everywhere with me. “To be a positive role model, who knows herself well, and can lead and support others with empathy, honesty and integrity – developing others and helping them to flourish”

This sums me up. It captures who I am, and what I believe in, but how did I get here? Who is Melanie Osborne? She’s a mum, she’s a wife, and she’s a leader and a manager, a life coach, a mentor, a friend.  She’s also a human who has been on an incredible journey of self-discovery. She’s faced disappointments, a constant flow of change, personal dramas that could put EastEnders to shame, and more happiness than anyone could express in a 500 word blog!

Is that who I am? Probably.  In a single day I can be any one of or all of those things listed above. I’m still on my journey of discovery. Every day I learn a little more about myself, about those around me, and the business I’m in. I love the business I’m in. Psyon is an extension of my family. I’ve seen it grow, change, settle, then grow and change again and I know there will be more of it, and I love it.

I come from a world where university wasn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean I’m not educated. It means I’m educated in a different way. I have A levels sure, but my A levels were English, Sociology and Media. I work for a technology business that builds employee benefits systems, analytics, and wellbeing, does flexible benefits consulting… some days I wonder how on earth I got here. My career has been different and it took me a lot of detours to find what I am truly passionate about, and even then, when I was offered my first training role within the insurer I’d been working for, I cried. I couldn’t see myself as a trainer of people. I couldn’t see myself developing other people’s careers… but I do.

I pride myself on finding strengths, guiding people and helping them to realise their potential. I’ve found no greater buzz in life than helping someone succeed. Seeing someone whose talent you’ve nurtured, realise their goals and achieve them, it’s an amazing feeling. My team are the foundation of my business stream, and their strength gives stability. They work together, they support each other, and as a manager I am amazed at how they rally around and make new people feel welcome and integrated. I’m truly lucky.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be sharing some of my personal experiences and learning. It’s important to give back on this crazy journey of life, and I hope that some of my experiences can help others on their journey too.

So – my key points on who am I…

I’m just a girl who knows who she is

I’m just a girl who gets to work for an awesome business

I’m just a girl who does a job she loves   


Mel Osborne

Client Services Team Lead, Psyon

Mel is passionate about working in Psyon and took part in an interview about why it’s a great place to be.