My time at Psyon, the most significant 7 weeks of my life


By Lauren Powell

1st August 2019

Following two demanding years of studying Chemistry, Biology, French and AS level Art whilst juggling intense rowing commitments, I had to choose what to read at university. I did various work experiences in a hope to find the course that would be right for me. I had great exposures to businesses in marketing, dentistry and law. I was still none the wiser. When I sat down and genuinely thought about my interests, I concluded that what truly fascinated me was people. I am fascinated by the brain, on our individual differences and also on understanding many mental health disorders. Naturally, I arrived at psychology. I had no experience whatsoever in the field, just an interest that would carry me through 3 years of university.

I had never done Psychology before, so it was both daunting and exciting to start something completely fresh. My interests in developmental and forensic psychology grew and these interests expanded into second year where I really got to grips with the subject.

During the Summer between second and third year, I wanted to do a London-based internship for at least 6 weeks. The purpose of this was to really experience ‘the London Working Life’, to gain a better understanding of what career I might want to go into one day, and to live in a different city for a period of time. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet with Anna Spender, with a view to me doing some work for her team this Summer. We agreed that I would start a 7 week internship on 10th June after my term finished. As I come to the end of my internship I can say that I achieved everything I wanted to and more.

I worked in a small company but within a larger insurance company (Hyperion) for company called Psyon. The culture of the whole business is incredibly positive.  The aim of Psyon is to revolutionise the approach to Employee Benefits with powerful tech and analytics. I felt that the ethos of the company was very welcoming, enthusiastic and ambitious. I was immediately welcomed as one of the team. Whilst the majority work in the office in Redhill, I was based in the London office with a couple of colleagues. Despite the distance, it never ceased to feel like we were a team. On the first day I was instantly taken under the wing of Hazel Craig, and she was the person who guided me through this experience and really made it what it was.

My responsibilities grew rapidly by working with managers and HRBPs to organise meetings, undertaking several pieces of research into employee engagement, wellbeing, mental & physical health and presenting that back to Hazel and Anna. Josh Andrews and I put together a presentation to help Annabel Francis with a school workshop. The workshop was very successful and we received excellent feedback. It was brilliant to see the interest in data careers from school students. I loved that Psyon are keen to get more women in to STEM subjects from a younger age and are willing to facilitate this through such workshops.

My time at Psyon has really developed my interest in this area of data analytics within health and wellbeing, and definitely furthered my desire to be working in London in the future. This opportunity encouraged team work, time management and creating a positive environment every day. I have been so fortunate to have met such intelligent and fascinating people, and grateful that they have been kind enough to involve me in their work. Furthermore, I want to stay in touch with the people who really made my experience what it was for years to come. My time here has been more useful and stimulating than I ever thought it could be. It has been invaluable to work so closely with Hazel and Rebecca Reilly to understand what they do day-to-day and I have really appreciated how involved they have let me be in several of their projects. I will be leaving with a rounded, extended knowledge of this area thanks to everyone I have met. I am very sad to leave as I feel that it has been the fastest and most significant 7 weeks of my life but I will forever be grateful for this experience as it has definitely created the foundations for my future.

Now onto the next challenge- getting a degree!