Celebrating International Women’s day

Nicky Dunderdale

By Nicky Dunderdale

8th March 2018

Nicky Dunderdale, Director of Digital & Anna Spender, Director of Data Analytics & Wellbeing

Nicky & Anna: On International Women’s Day we are very proud to be two women heading up a unique data, analytics and technology business, in what has been traditionally considered a male industry.

We believe creating an inclusive and supportive culture within the company is the key to Psyon’s success. A culture which attracts a diverse workforce; where all of our employees can reach their full potential; bringing energy and dedication to what they do and innovations to our industry.

Nicky: When I joined the business in 2010, I had a clear goal. I wanted to build a team with the most talented, technically skilled people and surround myself with others who shared the same passion and love of tech that I do.

So eight years on, as I look around at the Psyon team, I’m incredibly proud that I’ve achieved this. And as we continue to grow, we have some of the industry’s top talent within our midst.

What makes me even prouder is that our business represents an inclusive and diverse group of intelligent and hard working individuals. And 58% of our workforce are women. A rarity in the tech industry, where only 17% of employees in the sector are female.

Anna: As a qualified actuary, I’m used to working in a male dominated industry. The progressive culture that was already in place at Psyon and the ability to make a real impact on a business really appealed. However we haven’t stopped there. In the two years since I have joined we have continued to develop the culture that is fundamentally important to us, making sure our employees have the chance to feed in to defining our values and brand.

Women can be put off jobs in technology and data analytics because they are regarded as typically the preserve of men. But, at Psyon that’s simply not the case. The women in our business are highly skilled, valued and 50% of our senior leadership team are female.

Nicky: When I began to build the team, I just wanted the best people for the job, regardless of background or gender. By creating a flexible and supportive working environment, we’ve been able to provide a workplace that appeals to men and women alike. Openly trusting our people to “do the right thing” has empowered them to manage their work in a way that supports both their careers and their home lives.

Anna: And, there are no barriers. Our developers, data technicians, data analysts and technical and actuarial experts are both men and women.

The technical knowledge is spread across the team and the sexes. So, everyone can benefit from one another’s experience and understanding. Fostering a culture where we support each other, recognise achievements and collaborate for success.

Nicky & Anna: So, on International Women’s Day, we’re incredibly proud of the fantastic women (and their equally fantastic male counterparts) who have helped us get to where we are today. And whose passion, drive and determination see us continue to go from strength to strength.