Building a mental health strategy that works


By Rebecca Reilly

16th May 2019

Research suggests that poor mental health now affects around 50% of all employees.But the reality is we all have mental health.

Despite the fact that we all experience it and with growing public awareness around the topic, stigma still exists.  It’s increasingly becoming up to employers to create an environment which enables employees to feel supported and where their health and wellbeing needs are understood and looked after

In our experience, the approach to a mental health strategy needs to be as holistic as possible.  It needs to be more than giving employees access to a singular benefit, such as a mental health app or an EAP program.  An environment where mental health is acknowledged and consciously supported by all levels is vital for it to be effective and become embedded within an organisation’s culture.

Preventative rather than reactive measures can stop mental health from reaching a critical stage.  Employees require basic education in understanding mental health, being able to spot the early signs and to know where to go for help and support; for both themselves and others.  A mental health strategy needs to be at a workforce wide level, not just inclusive of employees currently experiencing a problem.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them embed mental wellbeing, not only at an individual level but also at an environmental and cultural level.  We actively give advice and support to organisations in the effective planning and communication involved in delivering strategy initiatives to employees.

We work with clients to put measures in place to monitor the progress and success of their wellbeing strategy.  This gives organisations the power to direct their efforts to specific risk areas and to maximise the impact of their mental health message.

It’s a fact that every one of us is on a continuum with our mental health which oscillates throughout our lifetime. We need an organisation-wide approach which supports and facilitates us at each stage.