Employee benefits will never be the same again

Who we are

We’re Psyon, a unique data, analytics and technology team dedicated to bringing employee benefits to life.

We bring together passion and energy with visionary, live, real time digital solutions.

What we do

We bring employee benefits and insurance data to life through real time data services. It empowers you to take control, understand your risks, gain insight, and seize opportunities.

We work with:

Employers • Employees • Advisers • Insurers •Reinsurers

Digital Services

Our in-house developers design & build innovative digital solutions to manage employee benefits and drive insight.

Our data technicians ensure the quality of your data allowing you to understand & take control of real time changes.

Our flexible benefits team provide bespoke solutions for the online selection & administration of a wide range of employee benefits.

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Nicky Dunderdale

Director of Digital



Our data analysts blend multiple data sources, putting your data to work enabling you to make decisions and effect changes with confidence.

Our wellbeing proposition is data led allowing you to develop an effective & enduring bespoke wellbeing strategy that has real impact.

Our actuarial & technical consultants support the creation of benefit solutions including product development, and market & scheme experience analysis.

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Anna Spender

Director of Actuarial & Data Analytics


Bringing data to life

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